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April + May

Scavenger Hunt


Win a $1,500 Shopping Spree


The Golden Goose Chase 

Boro Retail Reward Program

The Boro has hidden 20 "Golden Goose Eggs" inside downtown Peterborough's vibrant retail establishments.  


Each week our Golden Goose Eggs will move to new shops and stores all nestled within the downtown core.   


Enter into a $1,500 shopping spree draw every time you spot a "Golden Egg"  The more "Golden Eggs" you find, increases your chances of winning!

Treat yourself to exclusive "Goose Egg" deals and promotions hosted by our retailer partners. Over 50 retailers are participating in this years hunt, all located within a few city blocks of downtown Peterborough

Window Shopping
What's On
Shopping on Sale Day

Join the Hunt 

Learn How to Play

This game is a free spring-long scavenger hunt that uses the mobile app Goosechase. 

Using your mobile device download the Goosechase App. 

Once downloaded, you can log in as a guest or create your own profile the choice is yours!

To find this specific scavenger hunt within the Goosechase app- search The Golden Goose Chase or use the game code: 5Z67RV

Download GooseChase

Use Game Code: 5Z67RV
or, Search: The Golden Goose Chase

How to Win
$1,500 Boro Gift Card

Using the Goosechase app, take a live-capture photo of each "Golden Egg" you find throughout April and May. 

Earn additional draw ballots every time you find a "Golden Goose Egg" your name is re-entered the draw. 

Example: Catch 5 Eggs = 5 draw ballots


Organizing Partners

The Golden Goose Chase was create to celebrate the magic and excitement of shopping in Peterborough's historic downtown business district. This project was designed to support our downtown retailers in a fun and interactive way. 

The Golden Goose Chase is delivered in partnership with the Downtown Business Improvement Area and The Boro.  
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